Corporations have only one driving duty of care "to make profits". Of coarse they have other legal obligations.  however, their whole reason for existence is to make profits and at times that  driving force overwhelms any and all other legal obligations resulting in public harm and even the subversion of society and government.

Some corporations have larger economies than entire nations, leading many commentators to label modern society a corpocracy.

At its inception, the corporation was a useful short term tool used to facilitate the joint-financing of large-scale projects such as roads and bridges. They were not allowed to participate in politics and lobbying. They were easily tamed and federal and state governments revoked charters of misbehaving corporations. The corporation would be dissolved once its project was completed.This all change following the American Civil War in which the Robber Barons amassed large fortunes and were able to consolidate their power. By the end of the century, corporations had gained corporate personhood giving them the same rights afforded to US citizens under the Constitution.


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