This blog has been created to indulge my passion with conspiracy theories. Since my teen years (more than a few years ago) I have had a thirst for collecting conspiracy theories and have collected hundreds from books and magazine articles. Since the advent of the internet my collection has grown exponentially. A while ago I decided it was time to share this collection with whoever was interested and created this blog, along with a Ebook and POD cast.

In case you are wondering, I can’t say that I believe that any of the conspiracy theories I have collected have any foundation in fact  (yes, I am a sceptic). However, I find the whole area to be a fascinating insight into human nature and our need to find reason for all events in our lives and the world around us. This psychological need is so strong that if a reason for a given turn of events is not readily available, or does not satisfy, then we will simply make one up that does. And strangely, others  are more than happy to accept that.  In my case, I don’t accept it, I just find it wonderful. Maybe your the same?

I am always looking to expand my collection if you know of a theory that does not appear here ( more than likely I already have it in my archive) but, occasionally some thing turns up that I have never heard of.  One never knows ones luck and you may just be providing me with a true treasure. So, please send me the details and any links or associated data.

Really, really appreciated. Thanks.

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