” IS THE TRUTH STILL OUT THERE? ” is a compilation of 200 of the best, weirdest and most shocking conspiracy theories of all time.

“This eBook  transports you head first into the strange and bizarre world of conspiracies and conspirators. You just won’t believe what others believe. Some of these theories you may have already heard of , I knew a few, but  most I had never heard of and I felt compelled to look a few of them up on google, just to see if they where real…  They are!..

This is not the kind of book you read from cover to cover, rather you flick through until you find a theory that grabs you. It’s kind of like an encyclopaedia of conspiracy theories. But be warned once you start flicking, you are going to find it hard to stop.”

“I don’t know what compels a guy to collect this sort of stuff and then assemble it into an eBook, as the Author of this has done, but I’m kind of pleased he did.

It’s very cool, in a freaky sort of way.”

Andrew Long (the Long Review).

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Most of the content of this blog and Podcasts are drawn from this book and represent only a fraction of what is contained in the book.